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These are only few projects to give a brief idea regarding what we have done and what we are planning to do in future… Hope you will carry on with us, with our projects and improvements.


Ronara hotel Image 1

Ronara Hotel

Ronara Hotel is one of the most leading and beautiful hotels in Anuradhapura. Their main aim is to provide hospitality to customers in more appropriate way. As Qualon we are so proud that we were able to make a wonderful website to them to increase their sales.

siseth foundation Image 1

Sisth Foundation

We are glad to say that, we were able to make a successful website for Siseth Foundation, one of the charity organization to enhance social development activities. Since it was a charity organization, we developed it voluntary as a favor to enhance the community up liftment. Therefore, Siseth can be introduced as an offering website done by Qualon

Tharindu Enterprises Image 1

Tharindu Enterprises

Tharindu Enterprises is a leading sportswear, electric equipment & souvenir shop in Anuradhapura. It can be specially identified as an online boutique as well, since they are selling the goods of Teleseen Marking. So, we are glad to say that we were able to make an effective website to promote their goods & services through our website.

Red Cross Anuradhapura Image 1
Red Cross Anuradhapura Image 2

Red Cross Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura Red Cross branch is one of the 25 sub Branch of SLRCS (Sri Lanka Red Cross Society) in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it can be identified as one of the leading volunteering organizations in Anuradhapura District. Anuradhapura Red cross branch carries out many volunteering projects to improve the lifestyle and to change the mindset of people, which is the vision of Red Cross Society. By making a website, they were able to show what they were doing to make the society a better place and it was a kind of encouragement for the youth and other strengthen parties of the society to give their support for community enhancement.

W.S. Enterprises Image 1

W.S. Enterprises

W.S. Enterprises is one of the leading car sales in Anuradhapura. Their service and support to the customer is significant when compared with other car sales. Therefore, they needed an effectual Website which helps their customers to reach them smartly and which helps to showcase their latest and greatest vehicles for sale effortlessly without paying additional money to newspapers or any other visual media. This website helps the customer to get a total idea regarding the vehicle, their services and support and helps to create a good relationship.

Nimnara Hotel Image 1
Nimnara Hotel Image 2

Hotel Nimnara

In the modern world people rely much on technology and when they need to find some place or a thing they seek the support of Internet other than the human help. There, you need a good website to attract your customers. Nimnara is One of the best hotels in Anuradhapura and this website helps them to boost their popularity and to earn more revenue. Simply, it creates a good understanding and a relationship with the hotel and its customers to continue with them continuously with their services and support.

Srilands International Image

Srilands International

This e commerce website helps them to sale goods from Sri Lanka to US without a headache. All the tranctions goes through the website so it easy for them to track the sales and improve their business.

Project Russell

This is one of our R&D projects. We are using google Tensorflow ML model to monitor animal’s behavior pattern to predict their diseases and unusual behavior patterns beforehand. This can be used to save lives of the pets we care about and to guide the vets in order to understand their diseases.  The GPS module in the collar band can be used to track their locations if they are lost or mislaid. Plan to release our commercial product in 2021.